Sunday at Joeuvres

In 2007 the association launched a subscription for the purchase of a painting work “panoramic” representing our village and entitled “Sunday at Joeuvres. “

This work was realized on July 14, 2004 by four Roannais artists:
Rob Ellias
• Maurice Gay
• Jean-Dominique Laffay
• Daniel Pupecki

The painters expressed themselves on different canvases, playing with their style and technique, working in perfect harmony, creating an original work of great sensitivity. The purpose of the subscription was to acquire this work, which has become an element of our collective heritage and our village memory thanks to everyone’s gift.

A friendly meeting with the painters was organized in the Serge Perche room on February 17, 2008, date of the official purchase of the canvas, on the occasion of the delivery of donor certificates, and a film showing the various steps of the realization of this table was broadcast.