Roannais Agglomération

The Cultural Action Service of Roannais agglomeration has its antenna in La Cure in our village. The intense cultural life is shared between the exhibitions, the shows, the theater, the concerts, the animations like the Loire in color or the Biennial of the jewelers, but also the tourist visits of the village and the enhancement of the crafts.

Roannais Tourisme

Roannais Tourisme is an association whose mission is to promote tourism and the marketing of Roannais. She organizes groups for day trips and stays to discover the emblematic places of our region. Our association is a member and is listed as a partner in the brochure “Escapades Groups” as part of the program of visits to the village.

Municipality of Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire

The village is located in the north of the Loire department 15 km from Roanne. It is composed historically of two villages, one created around a former Benedictine priory, the other at the foot of its castle overlooking the Loire. The Friends Association’s mission is to highlight the history of the village and to ensure the protection of heritage in all its forms. She regularly offers help and expertise in communal projects related to culture, heritage and tourism.

Village of character

The “Village de caractère” label has been set up by the Loire department to develop tourism in villages of heritage and cultural interest. It aims to inscribe these remarkable places of life with the rich medieval past in circuits of discoveries by making them known to the greatest number. Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire is one of the 12 Loire villages that hold this prestigious label.


Association Rally and Twinning of the Saint Maurice of Europe

The association, created in 2010, aims at an annual meeting of towns and villages bearing the surname Saint Maurice. Seventeen communes in France, Switzerland and Italy are adherents in a spirit of fraternity, solidarity and conviviality.

Association of Parents and Friends of Joseph Déchelette

This association, created in 2010, helps to preserve and promote the memory and the image of Joseph Déchelette. She wants to maintain the memory of this great scientist and promote the discipline he loved. Joseph Déchelette was one of the founders of European protohistorical archeology, his works are world famous.


This name makes it possible in 1982 to regroup the initials Liaison Inter Groups of Regional Studies. LIGER brings together about forty associations and public or private organizations interested in the Heritage and History of our department. She wants to be a link between all those who care about the departmental heritage.

Association of the Friends of the Small Museum of Pierre Martelanche

Founded in 2013, the association aims to highlight the works of Pierre Martelanche and his humanistic and secular thought. Originally from Saint Romain la Motte, this self-taught winemaker from the early 20th century made sculptures of immense aesthetic value, a veritable jewel of popular and singular art.

Les Tisseurs de sons (Sound weavers)

Jean-Marie Gardette, a Roanne violinist, is behind the creation of the association Les Tisseurs de sons and the La Collégiale Musicale festival, a structure created in 2014 that offers concerts with international artists in the enthusiasm of a common passion for music. In one year, he produced thirty musical events in the Roannais.

Association Fleuve Loire Fertile (River Loire Fertile)

The association, founded in 2013, aims to create social links between the various actors of the territory by developing projects for promotion and development around the Loire River. It is a platform of citizen initiatives that provides project owners with the means to achieve them, while respecting people and their environment.