The Manor de la Mure Chantois

This building dating from the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth is a superb example of Renaissance civil architecture.

The family of La Mure Chantois, lords of St-Maurice, left the cold and austere castle of the fortress to build this comfortable and well south- oriented terrace mansion.

After the Revolution, the manor was sold in shares and in 1852, Mr. Nigay, who owned the east wing, donated his share to the municipality to set up a school.
The western part of the building was in a bad state: instead of repairing it , the city council decided to destroy the damaged part. The unobstructed surface became a playground for schoolchildren and the turret was highlighted.

Decorative elements are visible on the carved tympanum of the front door where the figures of Adam and Eve are carved in yellow limestone, while the turret is decorated with the coat of arms of La Mure Chantois.

Inside, in the René Robert room, an interesting chimney registered in the “Historical Monuments” depicts two versions of the same face, a smiling version and a grimacing one.

When the municipality of St-Jean-le-Puy was created in 1893, the village of St-Maurice-sur-Loire no longer had premises to house its town hall, the communal territory having been divided. The municipality decided to settle in the Manor until 1974, when the building became a town hall.

The manor is now the headquarters of the Association of Friends of St-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire.