Travel with my donkeys in the Roanne Coast … and in the Monts de la Madeleine

Three travelers: a writer, an ethnologist and a donkey-goer flanked by two donkeys, set off on an expedition to the Côte Roannaise from 14th May to 19th June, 2011. The starting point of this unusual expedition took place on St-Jean-St -Maurice-sur-Loire and our association was present at the launch of this event on Sunday 15th May , 2011. A discovery of the village was made especially for them to make them appreciate the specificity of our village, its stories, its places unusual. A moment of cordial and warm sharing with Jean-Yves Loude and Viviane Lièvre.
A test hike was scheduled from 16th to 23rd July, 2012, to attract tourists and walkers to discover the nuggets updated in the book by Jean-Yves Loude.