The rectory was built at the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century. This period corresponds to the period of expansion of the village outside the walls, which began around 1534, when Saint-Maurice became a royal castle.

Usually, presbyteries are built next to the church. But already in those days, the duality of the commune (or the Parish) was present. In fact, there were two places of worship: the chapel of the castle at Saint-Maurice and the church of the Benedictine priory of Saint-Jean-sur-Saint-Maurice which, thanks to its imposing dimensions, also served as a parish church. The worship was carried out on both sites by a priest assisted by two vicars. The new rectory was to be built almost at the same distance from the two places of worship and on the road linking Saint-Maurice to the hamlet of Saint-Jean.

The buildings included a residential house with storey and attic, overlooking a courtyard closed by a large portal. A dovecote had been integrated into the dwelling, since only religious and nobles had the right to own pigeons. In addition, there was a construction on each side of the gate: on the left an old barn, and on the right a “small one-storey house” on a square base, built above the cellar (like buildings of the same style exist in closed courtyard farms and were used as rooms for the farmhouse servant). It is known that in the 19th century the room on the first floor was converted into a room for the vicar. The rectory was bordered to the north by a large walled garden. Later, a boulodrome was built in part of this garden but has been replaced by nursery workshops since 2015.

Since 1972, no more priests have lived in the commune. The buildings were then rented to private individuals, then to the Community of Communes of the West Roannais (Communauté de Communes de l’Ouest Roannais) which transformed these places into a Tourist and Cultural Centre with point i, showroom, relay of the walkers of Santiago. This centre, opened in 2009, has been managed by Roannais Agglomération since January 2013.